We are mobilising education and bringing training to you!


New Locations Launching As TBS continues to grow we know there is a need to bring education to more locations so that we can reach more people. Everyone deserves the opportunity to study and improve their skills and we are working hard to ensure that we can bring training to you.   In 2023, we are expanding into multiple new locations and we cannot wait to open our doors to you.Keep scrolling to see the first 2 locations that we will be opening up in 2023. Evans Head and The Far North Coast of NSW [...]

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Why Study In Australia?


Reasons To Study In Australia Australia is known for its diversity and in welcoming people from all around the world - there are many reasons to consider studying with an Australian education provider. Australia is setting international standards for excellence and innovation in education. The Australian education sector comprises of world-leading education institutions, premium training facilities, and outstanding trainers, teachers and student support services.At The Business School, we are committed to providing practical skills and knowledge to help you succeed in your chosen career path. As the global demand booms for innovative thinkers, we have reformed our approach in teaching [...]

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The Business School CEO meets Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce CEO The Business School's (TBS) CEO Wayne Carney met with Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) CEO Wally Mehanna earlier this month at The Business School's campus in Bondi Junction. Wally took a tour of the campus and explored the many classrooms where classes are held for students. Our campus consists of modern facilities and leading technology solutions. It was a pleasure having Wally and a part of the CBCC community walking through our doors and having a chat. We discussed the different training options that could [...]

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10904NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing


Enrolments Open Now! Study the world’s leading formal qualification in social media marketing with The Business School! This course is suitable for marketers of all levels of experience from job seekers, business owners and social media marketing professionals and entrepreneurs with a new business vision. This course is also suitable for international students who are traveling to Australia to gain social media marketing skills required to obtain employment in medium-to-large size organisations when they return to their home countries or gain employment to support their study journey in Australia. Use Your Social Media to Grow: * Your Career [...]

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Community Is Everything


At TBS we believe that community is everything Being part of a community makes you a better leader, a better learner and a better person. As an Educational Institution, being an active part of the community helps us stay connected and support our students, trainers and staff better. Being a part of your community can have positive effects on your mental health and emotional wellbeing. Community involvement provides an even greater sense of belonging and improves social connectedness. It can also offer extra meaning and purpose to everyday life. There are many activities that can help increase [...]

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Seeking VET Trainers and Assessors Sydney and In Person and Online Options


Looking for your next career move? The Business School (RTO 45230) is currently located in Bondi Junction and is recruiting trainers and assessors for the below qualifications in the greater Sydney area and Online. We are seeking qualified and passionate trainers and assessors in multiple locations and online. Apply to join our friendly, focused and passionate team today! To apply for this position please send your CV and a short email about your experience to the HR Manager via email admin@tbs.edu.au. We are hiring Trainers and Assessors for: BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business BSB50120 Diploma of Business [...]

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Seeking VET Trainers and Assessors and ELICOS Teachers July 2022


About The Business School The Business School (RTO 45230) is located in Bondi Junction. Inspired by excellence and innovation, we offer the highest quality teaching and learning in Business, English language and Social Media Marketing courses and we are seeking trainers/assessors and teachers who are passionate and committed to providing the highest level of client and student services. We are seeking VET Trainers/Assessors for: CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support BSB60520 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management BSBSS00091 Capture and Present Big Data Skill Set BSBSS00092 Manage Big Data Skill Set [...]

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Mobile Cyber Security Is Becoming Front And Centre


Mobile Cyber Security is becoming front and centre Did you know that the trend towards remote working is accelerating the growth of mobile security threats? We are starting to get used to lockdowns in the business world now but have you thought about how your company is exposed when its workers are transient. We’ve been able to adapt and continue to work remotely when needed, our new normal for the modern workplace, but this means that we are using even more mobile devices every day as we switch from our smartphone to tablet and then our laptop and more. Add [...]

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Need a Career Change – How to get started in Cyber Security


Need a Career Change – How to get started in Cyber Security Do you need a career change? We hear you! It can be overwhelming knowing where to start when you know that you have to make a career change. Maybe you've been in your profession too long and you're bored and over it or maybe your industry was affected by Covid and your job or industry is no longer a viable option for you. Either way we are here to talk you through how to get started in a career in Cyber. The Cyber Security Industry is one of [...]

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What are the benefits of working in Cyber Security


What are the benefits of working in Cyber Security? Thinking about becoming a Cyber Security expert is probably not something that has crossed a lot of people’s minds, until now. Although the industry has been alive and well for many years prior to Covid we have seen a fast shift where it is no longer just big online companies that need to think about Cyber Security but all businesses from the sole trader to government departments. And they are taking it more seriously now than ever before as businesses have shifted to an online culture. Cyber Security is [...]

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