The Business School Pty Ltd operates as a ‘fee for service’ training business. This means all training programs attract fees. All fees will be paid at or prior to the commencement of training unless prior arrangements are made with TBS management.

Where less than $1,500 is collected prior to the commencement of training or where the total course fee is less than $1,500, a fee protection process is not required. These fees are paid by/charged to the student, a government agency or the student’s employer.

Where the total course fee is more than $1,500, TBS will observe the requirements of Schedule 6 of the Standards for RTOs 2015. This schedule outlines requirements for protecting fees prepaid by individual students or prospective students for services.

Fee information is available via:

  • TBS website
  • TBS program brochures
  • TBS promotional material
  • Direct email from TBS

Each of these information streams clearly identifies all fees and charges, including optional charges such as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) fees, and will be updated regularly so that both TBS and our clients will be protected.

The Business School Pty Ltd will provide the following fee information, to each student:

  1. The total amount of all fees including course fees, administration fees, materials fees and any other charges;
  2. Payment terms, including the timing and amount of fees to be paid and any non-refundable deposit/administration fee;
  3. The nature of the guarantee given by the RTO to complete the training and / or assessment once the student has commenced study in their chosen qualification or course;
  4. The fees and charges for additional services, including such items as issuance of a replacement qualification testamur and the options available to students who are deemed not yet competent on completion of training and assessment; and
  5. The applicant’s refund policy.

Fee Structure Domestic /Corporate Only.

Total course fee

Each qualification, unit of competency or accredited course offered by The Business School  Pty Ltd has a specific course/unit fee. The course fee is the maximum fee that may be charged to the student for his/her selected training program.

It is TBS’s policy that the course/unit fee will be all-inclusive. Students will not be ‘surprised’ by unexpected requirements, fees or expenses.

Where additional resources normally associated with a program of study are required (for example; reference material, research documents, own computer) the student will be clearly advised of exactly what is required in the student study guide for that program.

Program fees are:


  • BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety- $2500.00
  • BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management- $4500
  • BSB50120 Diploma of Business-$3400
  • BSB40520Certificate IV in Business-$2700
  • BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management -$3100
  • BSB40920 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice -$2400
  • 10904NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing – $7500

RPL Fees are 50% of the full course fees or by negotiation prior to acceptance. Please refer to our website tbs.edu.au

RPL Fees will be invoiced for the full amount  and must be paid in full unless payment terms have been negotiated with Students.

Gap training fees will be charged on a case by case basis subject to the lack of or additional evidence requirements. Gap training has an additional cost of $175 per unit. Information on any gap training required will be provided to students prior to enrolment of the additional Units, as well as the fees and cost associated with this and invoice payment will be negotiated with the students. The course fee is the maximum fee that may be charged to the student for his/her selected training program.

Payment required in advance for full course fees. ( Does not Include RPL)

A deposit of 20% of the total course fee is required from each student upon enrolment and the balance of fees are to be paid in two (2) equal instalments of 40% each.  Instalment one is due within six (6) weeks of the first course date and Instalment two is due six (6) weeks after Instalment one.  Invoices to be generated to student with all payment schedules listed.

Enrolment fee

No enrolment fee is applicable.

Withdrawal fee

No withdrawal fee is applicable.

Re-submit fee

No re-submit fee applies.

Re-assessment fee

No re-assessment fee applies.

Produce partial completion statement of attainment

No fee applies to produce a statement of attainment when the student has partially completed the training program and must withdraw.

Re-print certification

Where the student requests a new copy of his / her certification, the following fees apply:

  • Statement of attainment $25.00+GST
  • Qualification (with academic transcript) $40.00+GST

Payment Options

Payment can be made via:

  • Credit card (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX)
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Cash
  • Cheque only by prior arrangement

Fees must be paid by the due date agreed. This will be clearly stated prior to your enrolment.

No awards will be issued unless full fees have been paid.


All Nationally Recognised Qualifications, Accredited Courses and Units of Competency delivered by The Business School Pty Ltd are GST-Free in accordance with the Australian Taxation Office GST Rulings GSTR 2000/27, GSTR 2001/1 and GSTR 2003/1.

Payment Receipts

A tax invoice/receipt will be issued for all payments.

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Phone: 02 9167 3960

Email: admin@tbs.edu.au

Receiving Payments


A deposit of 20% of the total course fee is required from each student upon enrolment. The deposit will be made into The Business School Pty Ltd.’s No 2 account. And transferred to the No 1 account (operating account) at the commencement of training.

Contractual agreement

Students who enrol in a training program or RPL application  with The Business School Pty Ltd should be aware that they are entering into a contractual agreement. With a view to ensuring all students are fully aware of their rights and obligations, The Business School Pty Ltd will design agreements, enrolment forms, service agreements or similar using a logical format and simple English. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Wording that allows the perspective student to know what he / she is agreeing to
  • Clearly explained disclaimers
  • No misleading or deceptive behaviour
  • No actions, omissions or dialogue (written or verbal) that may force or coerce the student
  • Fair dealings for disadvantaged students

Refund Policy

The Business School Pty Ltd will protect fees paid in advance and has a fair and reasonable refund policy.

An application for a refund is addressed according to the notice given by the person making the request:

  • 14 days prior to the commencement of the course – 100% refund
  • Between 13 days and 7 days prior to the course – 75% refund
  • Between 6 days and the commencement of the course – 50% refund
  • Withdrawal during the course – no refund. A pro-rata credit is available so the student can complete the course at a later date

A Refund Request form can be requested from your TBS trainer or any TBS Staff member.

All fees paid in advance are separated from the operations of the business. This is achieved by maintaining a number 2 account (deposits account) to ensure sufficient funds are always available for refund. The number 2 account is represented in The Business School Pty Ltd’s accounting system as a separate repository for funds paid in advance and cannot be accessed until the respective students commence training.

Information provided prior to enrolment or the commencement of training and assessment, whichever comes first, specifies the student’s rights as a consumer, including but not limited to any statutory cooling-off period (where applicable) and the student’s right to obtain a refund for services not provided by TBS in the event the:

  • Arrangement is terminated early, or
  • The Business School Pty Ltd fails to provide the agreed services.

For all Refund enquiries please email admin@tbs.edu.au.

Privacy Policy

The Business School Pty Ltd considers student privacy to be of utmost importance and will practice a high standard of care and concern in regard to maintaining student privacy in all aspects of business operations. Any persons external to the organisation acting on behalf of The Business School Pty Ltd are made aware of the confidentiality procedures and privacy policies prior to commencing work with TBS.

The Business School Pty Ltd will comply with all legislative requirements including the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and Australian Privacy Principles (2014). The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Privacy Amendment Act) made many significant changes to the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). These changes commenced on 12 March 2014. The Privacy Regulation 2013, made under the Privacy Act, also commenced on 12 March 2014.

The Business School Pty Ltd ensures no student information is disclosed without the student’s consent, except as required by law or in adherence to the Standards. Student consent must be obtained in writing from the student, unless the student is under the age of 18 years, in which case written consent from their parent or guardian must be obtained. Consent to disclosure of information forms and / or letters will be recorded.

The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Privacy Amendment Act) made many significant changes to the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). These changes commenced on 12 March 2014. The Privacy Regulation 2013, made under the Privacy Act, also commenced on 12 March 2014.

Privacy Principles that are strictly applied to all aspects of The Business School Pty Ltd’s (TBS) operations include:


TBS will only collect necessary information pertaining to one or more specific operations. The student will be informed as to the purpose for which details are being collected.

Use and disclosure

TBS will ensure student personal information is not used or disclosed for secondary purposes without obtaining explicit consent from the student, unless a prescribed exception applies.

Data quality

TBS will take all reasonable measures to ensure that all students’ personal information that is collected, used or disclosed is accurate, current and complete.

Data security

TBS will take all reasonable measures to ensure all collected students’ personal information is protected from misuse, loss or damage, and that all data and record storage is secure from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


TBS will maintain documentation which detail how students’ personal information is collected, managed and used. When a student makes an enquiry in relation to information collected, TBS will explain what information is held, for what purpose it is held and what procedures outline the collection and use of information.

Access and correction

TBS will allow students access to personal information held in all circumstances unless prescribed exceptions apply. If the student identifies errors within the information, TBS will correct and update to file.

Unique identifiers

TBS will not assign students unique identifiers except when it is necessary for efficiency of operations. Commonwealth Government identifiers, such as Medicare numbers or Tax File Numbers, will only be used for the purposes of which they were issued.


TBS will provide students the opportunity to interact with the business without requiring the student to make their identity known in any circumstances it is practical and possible to do so.

Trans-border data flows

TBS privacy protection principles apply to the transfer of data throughout Australia.

Sensitive information

TBS will request specific consent from a student in circumstances where it is necessary to collect sensitive information. Sensitive information may include, but is not limited to; information relating to a student’s health, criminal record, racial or ethnic background.