AMA on social media?
AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts involve questions and answers being exchanged in real time. Organizations and celebrities use them as a way to connect with their followers and fans.

What is AI?
AI allows customers to be served in a way they are accustomed to. Chatbots and home assistants use the same technology that humans do so there is no slip between using their services or speaking to them face to face.

What is an avatar?
Images created by an AI can reflect the appearance of a person, and represent them online. Images with realistic formatting like profile pictures on social media are examples.

Social media glossary: B2B marketing
Social media marketing is good for business because it generates interested parties that can turn into website visitors and customers.

How to use social media marketing in B2C
Initiatives in B2C social media marketing are designed to increase business and differentiate one company from competitors by generating a large following of users and using hashtags or cross promotion.

A bio can be an introduction. On some sites, it might often be called an “about” section.

Bitmoji is an avatar that you can create and use on social media sites such as Snapchat.

Boosted post:
A boosted post is an advertisement that businesses use to promote or sell products or services. It is a form of marketing where they endorse posts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram without paying the advertising fees.

What is Brand Awareness
If you want to create awareness of your business, you can use social media.

Carousel explained
Advertising on social media is most popular in the form of carousels. These ads display multiple images and text users can click on before viewing. Carousels are available across all platforms, from traditional advertising techniques to mobile devices.

Social media chats are conversations between users. They can be sent through Direct Messages on each individual site.

“Chatbots” and the Future of Social Media
Chatbots, which are AI-based bots can respond to questions. They can also provide customer service or offer recommendations on ecommerce sites.

The definition of “clickbait”
Clickbait is a type of language that tries to entice readers with a misleading headline. Using clickbait in social media might have an effect on your content, for example by increasing engagement.

Clickthrough rate (CTR):
In reference to social media, a click-through rate is a way of measuring how many people wanted to learn more about information that was given in a social media ad. The formula for calculating this performance measure is the number of clicks divided by the total impressions.

Community manager:
A community manager is a person who monitors the interactions of a company’s followers and excites them. If a follower leaves a comment on their post, they reply to that comment using the same channel as it was made in so that the follower can see their response.

Conversion rates:
Conversion rates measure the growth of your social media content. This term refers to whether people are completing desired actions like buying a product or signing up for an event.

Direct message (DM) explained
Send a private message to your followers and answer their questions, or use chatbot technology with Direct messages.

Disappearing content:
Disappearing content is content where the post self-deletes after 24 hours. It’s a great medium to create the fear of missing out with your audience, such as on Facebook Stories.

The emoji definitions
Social Media should be fun for the user. A way to increase engagement would be to include emojis that typically convey that message. Emojis are an easy way to communicate humour and passion in a sentence.

What is Facebook canvas?
To reach mobile users, Facebook offers a canvas ad which takes up your whole screen.

What is a feed?
Stories from friends and pages you’ve already followed are in your feed. Plus social media ads and suggested pages you might be interested in.

The definition of the word ‘follower’
Someone who subscribes to your business to recieve updates.

Social Media Glossary: What is “A Handle” and how to create one?

What is a “hashtag” and how do they work
Use hashtags in your posts to connect with new content – making them easy to discover and generating conversation on relevant topics. Hashtags help facilitate discussions on trending topics by making them searchable.

The role of “impressions” in social media
The more impressions a post has, the more people who view it. It’s also possible to reach one person many times.

What is an influencer?
Businesses, especially in modern times such as now, want to collaborate with influencers in order to promote their products and services.

What you need to know about “Insights”
You can learn more about your web page’s performance by using Insight programs.

What is a KPI?
KPI can be used to measure the success of your social media marketing campaigns and see if they are profitable.

What does “Like” mean in social media?
Emma likes to post her content on social media sites and has found a way to get others to share it. With these likes, she’ll receive more followers on Facebook.

Social media term: lurker
Some people just read your content without interacting with it. They are known as lurkers.

What is a meme?
A meme is an image that goes viral with the participants taking it and altering it to shape it to their own.

Microinfluencers create content for a niche audience with the intent of sharing knowledge and establishing contact with other influencers. Microinfluencers are typically motivated by getting their work out there, making them more willing to collaborate.

Native advertising:
This is called native advertising and the ads come with a “sponsored” label but also appear natural.

Rather than creating content that is irrelevant to your brand, newsjacking allows you to post about current events in a way that relates back to your business.

Organic reach is an essential metric to measure
Organic reach is the number of people with or without your advertising paying to promote your content. It is increased by followers who engage with posts and by friends scrolling past an ad on Facebook.

What is a pin on Pinterest?
Posting pins is one of the many things that you can do on Pinterest. They are individual posts uploaded by users and shared with others.

Pinned post:
Pinning posts on your social media page will help you stay relevant to what’s important to you and your audience. You’ll grow your reach significantly when you post content that is pinned at the top of your profile feed.

How would you define a post?
A post is a shared piece of content on social media. Posts are created by posting photos, videos, or status updates.

Making sure you have permission to repost their content, regramming is the process of taking someone else’s post and sharing it with your account.

Repin is the act of taking someone else’s Pin and posting it to your profile. This way other people see it.

Reposting is the act of sharing someone else’s content with your followers. Reposting includes regramming, repining, and retweeting.

What is retargeting?
With retargeting, you can see ads for products that a previous visitor considered but did not purchase.

When you retweet, the person you are retweeting is notified and it will show up in their timeline.

Sentiment measures how people feel about your brand, rather than how engaged they are. It is a measure of their attitude and feelings towards your brand.

Social commerce:
The term “social commerce” refers to the process of selling products and services on social media like Facebook and Twitter. This type of advertising makes purchases more seamless as it doesn’t require the user to exit their social media page.

Social listening:
People are talking about your company? You can find out what they’re saying by using social listening to identify the top influencers changing sentiment.

Social Media Management:
You can optimize your social media management with the help of free and paid tools, as well as professional services.

Social Media Marketing:
If a company needs to reach its users, social media is a straightforward and interactive way to do so. The company can then give feedback back to the user in a two-way conversation.

Social media monitoring:
Social media monitoring and listening is achieved by looking at data, such as your social media interactions, which are then compiled and analyzed.

Social selling and social media marketing
Social selling is using social media tools to find valuable leads for your business. This will help you hyper-target prospects and create meaningful relationships with them.

Sponsored posts:
In a post, the person posts sponsored content on their social media page. They also use hashtags to indicate that the post is sponsored.

You can create posts called “Stories” which will appear at the top of a user’s feed. Stories are short-lived, but in order to be effective, they need to be high-quality and engaging – otherwise they’ll be forgotten.

Using “tag” on social media is a way to say someone in a post or photo. When people see that, they get notified. Businesses use this to find out who their followers know and use their services because of that.

Reddit is an example of a protocol that maintains a chronologically-ordered threading mechanism, so it’s easier to search conversations.

Trolls are trying to cause a reaction on social media. They are trying to offend you or your brand.

TrueView advertising is and how it works
With TrueView ads, your ads will only be shown to people with interests in your brand. Viewers have the option of skipping the ad after five seconds.

What is a tweet?
Learn about social media terms and their definitions.

User generated content
By partnering with your customers, you will be able to make use of their Instagram and YouTube posts for FREE.

Vanity metrics
Numbers that sound good on the surface are “vanity metrics” – these don’t show any real value. When your company defines its strategy off of these numbers, you’ll be disappointed by them.

Verified on social media?
Verified accounts on social media make the account’s individual more trustworthy. These types of accounts are typically reserved for famous people so that fake profiles with similar names can’t be made.

If a post goes viral, that means that it has received an exponential amount of shares along with high level of engagement.

Vlogging is a form of social media that has become popular through the use of videos. Most vlogs revolve around stories about the author’s lives and who they are, and is often about sharing incidents in the writer’s life for the world to see.

Webinars are presentations that teach about a subject and allow for live interactivity. Viewers of a webinar can type messages or comments to the presenter, engage with others watching the presentation in real time, and watch as the presenter offers points in his or her presentation.