What Social Media Platforms have been Dominating in 2022?

There are specific social media platforms that are dominating in 2022. Of course many of the fundamental applications are still in use, such as sharing images, writing articles, and promoting both business brands and personal brands, however with new entrants like Tik Tok, the way that we both consume and create video has reached unprecedented heights never seen before.

With video, what use to be a laborious editing process on a high end desktop, can be replicated in the palm of our hands, and you might say that consumers have embraced this technology, leading to those with a seemingly low knowledge of technology, turning into awe-inspiring content creators, and amassing large followers at the same time.

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The Top Five Social Media Leaders in 2022


Facebook is still the leading social media platform, with a whopping 2.91 billion active users monthly (Walsh, 2022). Companies also continue spending their Ad budget on Facebook and promoting their businesses mainly due to the intricate targeting and segmentation options.


YouTube is still the leading video social media platform; in fact every minute 500 hours of footage is uploaded to the channel. YouTube is also winning the race around screen time. In January alone, people watched more than 700 million hours of YouTube on smart TV’s alone. (Eight Numbers That Show How Big YouTube Has Become, 2022).


WhatsApp is ranked as the most used messaging app in the world, and as of 2022, has 2 billion active users worldwide. India has the most active users worldwide, with a staggering 390.1 million. (Dean, 2021) WhatsApp is used for voice and video calls, and is an excellent way for groups to keep in touch.


Instagram celebrated its 12th birthday in 2022, and saying that this platform changed the very landscape of social media engagement is a huge understatement. According to Semrush, Instagram is the 7th most visited website in the world. (McLachlan, 2022) With tools such as Stories and Reels, Instagram continues to be a staple for content creators.

Tik Tok

Being that Tik Tok was launched in 2016, the imprint it has made on social media is astronomical. Launched as primarily a short form video platform for singing and dancing, Tik Tok has grown into a sophisticated video editing platform. In 2020, the platform was downloaded more than 850 million times, and in 2021, generated revenue of $4.6 billion. (Iqbal, 2022)

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In Conclusion

The top five social media platforms for 2022 are clearly staying within our purview for the foreseeable future, and it is also clear that video consumption and creation is the way of the future now, with applications teaching us how to become experts at creating and distributing individualised content.

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