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All our English courses operate under the name of The English Language School, a division of the Business School, and they run for 20 hours per week in a Face to Face delivery mode.

At the English Language School, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. That is, to learn to speak a language well, you need to practise a lot of speaking. The best way to improve your listening skills in English is to do lots of listening. Classes will have a very practical focus in a Face to Face environment.

All courses have approximately an equal balance between speaking, reading, writing, and listening and each course also covers vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Please contact us to enquire for Face to Face offerings or any further information, | (02) 9167 3960.


  • Flexible Delivery
  • Student Focused Learning

  • Approachable, Friendly Staff
  • Innovative Courses
  • Excellent Academic Reputation

General English – Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate
(CRICOS Course Code: 0101893)

Many students will begin their studies with the English Language School’s – General English course. This is a fun and lively course, very focused on everyday language. When they are ready, those heading for further study at the English Language School or elsewhere, such as at university, will then progress to the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course.

English for Academic Purposes
(CRICOS Course Code: 0101894)

This course not only helps students improve their English, but it also helps with skills that will make study in their further courses easier. For example, it covers preparing longer written assignments, reading books quickly and effectively to find just the information you need, and taking part in seminars and class discussions.

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  • General English – (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate) CRICOS Course Code: 0101893
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP Level 1 and 2) (CRICOS Course Code: 0101894)


By studying English at The English Language School you may be eligible for entry into other courses at The Business School. Please enquire for more information.


I really liked the relaxed and personable format of the session and it was great to get a sense of Glenn’s approach to coaching. I can see now why you speak so highly of him”. May 2020


The session with Glenn was great and I valued the input from all participants. It was great to get a new perspective on the current business climate and I am feeling confident in moving forward with my business ideas. May 2020


I got a lot from today’s session with Glenn, he has inspired me to move forward despite my current challenges. May 2020


It was great to connect with people today that are facing the same challenges as me in business, leadership and at home with children during this crisis. Glenn always offers me a new perspective and I value his time and strategies on leadership and professional development today”. May 2020


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