From The Business School to Southern Cross University…

Congratulations are in order for The Business School as this week they have gained a qualification credit linkage arrangement with Southern Cross University. This means that The Business School students have a direct path from The Business School’s qualifications to Higher Education Degrees at Southern Cross University.

Credit Linkage and Pathway Benefits for students

Credit Linkages and Pathways with Southern Cross University:

  • allow a person to better plan their study and career path in advance;
  • enable non-traditional entry to Higher Education by elevating a person’s university selection on the basis of their prior learning;
  • provide greater support for people transitioning between different academic levels, cultures and technologies;
  • build academic skills and confidence progressively over time and facilitate life-long-learning;
  • reduce the overall cost and duration of a degree;
  • allow students to use their prior vocational knowledge and skills to work their way through their degree; and
  • reward a person with multiple qualifications in the shortest possible time, which is advantageous for employment, promotion and increasing remuneration.

What students need to do

  • Choose your qualification with The Business School – Students can choose a range of Business qualifications to study with The Business School. Go to The Business School Homepage and choose your qualification.

  • Enrol with The Business School– Once you have chosen your qualification email, call (02) 6682 4714, or fill out the online enrolment form.

  • Enjoy studying with The Business School – Work hard at your studies and enjoy living in Sydney NSW while you complete your qualification. The Business School staff will support you throughout your entire journey.

  • Apply to study at Southern Cross University – Email or call (02) 6682 4714 for further information on applying to Southern Cross University under the credit linkage program.

  • Study with Southern Cross University – if accepted students will then be studying at the undergraduate level at Southern Cross University in Australia.

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