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Coaching is beneficial for all participants in embedding new learning, overcoming current challenges and developing strategies which enable sustained high performance. One on One coaching sessions are guided by the participant and aim to promote creativity, improved performance and resilience; ultimately leading to greater job satisfaction and retention. Programs run from 3-12 sessions depending upon the goals and needs of the individual participant.

Why purchase?

  • Coaching can be scheduled at any time after purchase
  • 100% Online
  • Completely tailored to you!

Work with the best

Trainer Facilitator and Coach Glenn BrowneTrainer/ Facilitator /Coach

Mr Glenn Browne

Glenn is an accomplished leader, facilitator and positive psychology coach.

Since 2005, Glenn has been supporting customer-facing teams in service delivery, customer experience and leadership development. During the period 2009-2017, Glenn had the opportunity to lead several large teams (100-130 pax) within the finance industry, including the Advice business for one of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds.

In his last corporate role, Glenn transformed the team’s performance and operational efficiency, through mentoring and empowering middle management to be accountable for results and utilising their considerable knowledge to achieve, without the need for micro-management. Glenn also embedded a client engagement framework which saw NPS results increase from 42% to 83%; developed an emerging leaders program for 8 team members which had a 100% placement rate (within 6 months) and established a coaching culture at all levels of leadership.

Glenn is an expert at making connections between technical content and the practical application in the workplace, and is passionate about helping individuals and teams discover their “why” and thrive, personally and professionally.

Since February 2017, Glenn has been operating as leadership development consultant and coach, working with individuals from the finance industry, accounting, the legal profession and education.

Glenn’s main ethos is to ‘leave it better than he found it’ whether a team of 2 or 200 is involved. This is achieved through an unwavering passion for helping individuals and their teams see the best in themselves and others, overcome any limiting beliefs and define a clear path for sustainable success.

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Why choose coaching?

During these unprecedented times it is important to take some time for yourself and be focused about your life and career goals while at the same time learning new skills (or refining old ones) and the practical strategies to apply them. What better way to do that than with one on one coaching.

What do I get?

A live online 1 hour one on one coaching session with Trainer/Facilitator/Coach Glenn Browne. Want more hours? Simply purchase more than one item at checkout.

How do I get it?

Your coaching session is 100% online and live meaning that you see your coach in real time using the software Zoom. It’s easy to use and you will be connected without any hassles. We will send you everything you need to join your coaching session via email shortly after purchase. You can attend from the comfort of your own home and interact with your coach as if you were in a face to face meeting! You can have your camera on or off, it’s up to you.

Your coaching sessions will be scheduled at your convenience. Glenn is a very experienced and relatable coach. He will use a variety of techniques to help you figure out your goals whilst helping you with strategies to achieve them.

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