The Importance of Social Media Influencers for Business

Searching for the right influencer for promoting your brand is one of a major task for an enterprise, as it will affect the firm’s overall brand presence. Influencers hold immense power to raise the sales of the company if done correctly, and this is why choosing the right ‘brand’ fit for your company is critical. Initially, do some research via your main hash tags to see which influencers may be dominating your market.

It’s important to leverage business on social media for the growth and survival in the market place. It is one of the best techniques used by entrepreneurs to expand both their business and personal brands. Social media influencers can reach a mass amount of people quickly, which can in turn drive sales rapidly.

In an article published by Brandwatch this year, marketing consultant, Roza Tsvetkova, discussed the 7 key areas to look for in a social media influencer. (Brandwatch, n.d.)

  1. Audience; which target or segment does your influencer cater to
  2. Values; the ideologies held by your influencer
  3. Reach; how far and wide does your influencer go?
  4. Engagement; the level of interaction with social media posts
  5. Frequency; how often does your influencer post, and is each post meaningful?
  6. Quality content; does the content have substance, and does it add value?
  7. Reliability; are they trustworthy, and will they do what they say?

Research the best influencers in your niche

An enterprise should know all the pros and cons before selecting their influencer. They must perform extensive research before reaching a final decision, as many influencers in the market are available to promote a brand, however many of these will not be a good fit for your social media strategy. Influencers are divided into various sections, such as mega influencers, macro influencers, mid-tier influencers, micro-influencers, and nano influencers. Each influencer has different charges for promoting brands, which is why it is important to know engagement rates vs. overall followers to forecast ROI.

In Conclusion

Know the risks going into partnership with an influencer, and set up contingencies where you can. Make sure they are clear on what you are wanting to achieve, and the overall scope of the partnership. To study more content like this in greater detail, please visit


Brandwatch. (n.d.). 7 Things to Look for in a Social Media Influencer. [online] Available at:

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