Mobile Cyber Security is becoming front and centre

Did you know that the trend towards remote working is accelerating the growth of mobile security threats?

We are starting to get used to lockdowns in the business world now but have you thought about how your company is exposed when its workers are transient. We’ve been able to adapt and continue to work remotely when needed, our new normal for the modern workplace, but this means that we are using even more mobile devices every day as we switch from our smartphone to tablet and then our laptop and more.

Add to that the use of public WIFI networks and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This means that the opportunity for mobile threats are continually growing and changing as new devices and technologies evolve.

Common threats associated with mobile cyber security:

  • Data leakage via mobile apps – have you actually read and taken notice of the permissions that you give each of your apps when downloading them?
  • Unsecured wifi networks – we’re all guilty of using these
  • Network spoofing – when a public wifi connection is actually a trap created by a hacker
  • Phishing attacks – because your phone is always on and you may overlook important details in your emails
  • Specialised spyware – designed to spy on encrypted messaging applications
  • Broken Cryptography – can occur when app developers use weak encryption algorithms, or fail to properly implement strong encryption

These are just some of the common threats that most of us know about already but what about Smishing, BYOD and IOT, have you heard of these? Mobile cybersecurity is such a broad term and also includes threats to back end and cloud security networks.

Being on the front foot of mobile cyber security is a bit like being a detective in the cyber world without knowing what the crime is or who your main suspects are. Cyber professionals are used to working in a fast-paced environment where creativity and problem solving go hand in hand. There is generally no single method of protecting yourself or your business against mobile security threats therefore when you work in the industry you will be continually learning and adapting to change.

In the age of accelerated digital transformation, as we have seen in the workforce, cyber criminals are constantly looking for new ways to target and cause harm. Simply installing an anti-virus on your home computer is not enough to prevent cyber-attacks.

One thing that you can do is to educate yourself and upskill your staff. The Business School in Bondi Junction are offering the following skill set that can be tailored to your workplace for corporate or individual enrolments.

BSBSS00093 Cyber Security Threat Assessment and Risk Management Skill Set

  • Self-paced
  • 100% online!

The Skill Set consists of 2 units of nationally recognised training; however, we recommend completing an additional 2 units to enhance your Cyber literacy and Cyber risk awareness skills.

There are pathways available for career progression. Enquire for more details.

If this sounds like a great starting point to kick off your career in Cyber Security enquire now: Phone (02) 9167 3960| Email

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