What are the benefits of working in Cyber Security?

Thinking about becoming a Cyber Security expert is probably not something that has crossed a lot of people’s minds, until now. Although the industry has been alive and well for many years prior to Covid we have seen a fast shift where it is no longer just big online companies that need to think about Cyber Security but all businesses from the sole trader to government departments. And they are taking it more seriously now than ever before as businesses have shifted to an online culture.

Cyber Security is a global issue and with the Cyber Security Sector set to increase to a $6 billion industry in the next 5 years[1] why wouldn’t you think about getting on board.

Here we explore the benefits of working in the Cyber Security Industry.

High Salaries – research in Australia lists the average salary of a Cyber Security Expert at $133,820 per year [2]  with entry level positions starting at $94, 360. Not bad for a bit of work in an area you love. Even if you need to invest in some training it is well worth the consideration of getting started now.

Demand is high – the opportunities for Cyber Security have recently exploded with the globe having been forced to pivot into online working from home. When an entire workforce across the world packs up and takes their computers home, the demand for Cyber Security and risk assessments are high. Too high. All of a sudden bricks and mortar companies are at risk of having data leaked, staff and personal information at risk and inadequate processes and procedures for working online. Not only that companies are processing larger than ever online transactions therefore personal and company identities and bank accounts are now at risk.

Skill shortage – along with the demand for work in Australia, or anywhere in the world, there is also a skills shortage of trained professionals in the Cyber Security Industry. Demand for skilled workers is and will continue to outstrip the amount of graduates while we catch up on training new professionals. Gaining qualifications may be easier than you think given that you are either currently already working within this industry or working within a company that has the need for this type of professional.

Always learning – Cyber Security is an industry that is rapidly changing and evolving. As well as the many different areas of Cyber Security that you can work in, like application security, data loss prevention, forensics, incident response, network security, security architecture, threat intelligence and so on, you will never be bored because of the advancements within the industry that must happen to keep up with the nature of business in an electronic environment.

Career progression – naturally with an industry that is so large there are endless opportunities for career progression. Once working in an entry level position, it is easy to move through the ranks of your company or use your skills to move from smaller to larger companies. Typically, in the Cyber Security Industry your salary will be based on your years of experience therefore if career progression is not enticing to you, your increasing salary will be.

Self Employment – If there is anything that the workforce wants right now it is the opportunity to sack their boss and work for themselves. Traditional business models are changing, and more people are thinking about starting their own business as opposed to getting a job. If you are thinking about working for yourself, the Cyber Security industry allows you to work from anywhere in the world. Outsourcing and consulting is already established within the industry and ultimately you could choose where, what and how much work you are willing to do. Hello work/life balance.

Whilst you may not have ever considered whether Cyber Security is for you, you might now be willing to dip your toes in and The Business School RTO 45230 (TBS) is equipped to get you started.

TBS currently offers BSBSS00093 Cyber Security Threat Assessment and Risk Management Skill Set  can be completed online, at your own pace, or via recognition of prior learning for those already working in the sector.

This Skill Set consists of 2 Units, however, we recommend completing an additional 2 Units to enhance your Cyber Literacy and Cyber Risk awareness skills.

If this sounds like a great starting point to kick off your career in Cyber Security enquire now: Phone (02) 9167 3960| Email admin@tbs.edu.au

[1] Cyber Security Growth Centre (AustCyber),

[2] Salary Expert

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